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by David Stamps

Cupcake Club Raises Money For Harbour View Elementary

I love when I hear amazing news about cupcakes and raising awareness and support for communities around the US! These wonderful cupcake kids and their big hearts were brought to my attention a few weeks ago and I am so excited to share their story with you. Check out their journey and tell someone you know! We can all bake a difference one sweet at a time! Also, check back for how to reach out to them, how to learn more and how to start a Cupcake Club at your school! For now, have a on our CONTACT US page and let me know!

Calling themselves The Cupcake Club, three 3rd grade girls raised $530 selling cupcakes at the Harbour View Elementary School Picnic held June 4, 2014.  Inspired by Sheryl and Carrie Berks' series of cupcake books (the first one titled The Cupcake Club), Katie, Holly, and Abbie created a club of their own.  The early stages of planning took place during recess on the school playground in Huntington Beach, California. Then, unbeknownst to her mom, Katie distributed flyers with scheduled meeting dates to be held at her house.  When Annette called Stacy to chat about Katie's flyer, the moms shared a good laugh.  Impressed with the girls' desire to donate all proceeds to the school, the parents gave the green light on The Cupcake Club.

The girls held bi-weekly meetings. Cupcake taste tests were conducted. (The school requires food to be commercially prepared, so home baking was out.) Product evaluation was weighed based on taste and price.  Theme colors of pink and black were carefully selected.  A logo was created. The talk was of advertising and marketing: Holly created a flyer that was emailed to over 700 families. The girls were serious and highly organized.  Ultimately, they decided on cupcakes from Bubba Sweets in Huntington Beach. Not only did the girls prefer the taste of Bubba Sweets' cupcakes to several other cupcake stores in Southern California, they were delighted knowing their large order would support a small neighborhood store. (It was also nice to learn two of the store's employees were Harbour View alumni.) The Cupcake Club was a huge success with support from friends and family; even brothers and sisters offered help: Isabelle (kindergarten) delivered cupcakes to customers on picnic blankets, and Roman (5th grade) worked as the cashier when it was busy.  Their inventory sold out within the first hour; the girls raised $530.  Katie, Holly, and Abbie proudly donated the money to Harbour View Elementary as a gift from The Cupcake Club.'s Spring Cupcake Collection

by David Stamps

It's time to celebrate all things cupcake and I'm super excited to share with you all of my Spring collection cupcakes! It's always super exciting to get requests for cupcakes and I'm always honored to be thought of, but when 2am hits and I'm a nervous wreck because the icing is not as silky or cake as's always rough. BUT in the end I get these wonderful little beauties and I am always snapping pictures, so you can enjoy the cupcake cuteness with me!

And I could not forget these favorites from a friend's graduation party! Yummy Lemon Cupcakes packed with lemon juice in the cake, sweet and sour lemon frosting and glass sprinkles on top! I love making cupcakes and I'm super excited for Summer...lots of baking to compliment all of the backyard grillin!

These beauties were created to celebrate my wife's baby shower (red, white and blue All-American cupcakes with chocolate cake and vanilla frosting) and our twin boy's 1 month birthday (Vanilla cupcakes and frosting....shhh, my favorite, with red sprinkles and adorned with red licorice)! Cooking for my family makes my heart happy, especially my twin boys! They can't eat them yet...but the introduction has been made! :-)

Lemon Cupcakes.JPG

And great family and friend events always call for desserts! Huge, delicious, made from scratch carrot cupcakes were perfect for our family that came to visit. And these chocolate, raspberry filled cupcakes were the perfect treat for a friend's get together!I love how the raspberry is on display...mouth watering!

Let's Bake A Difference Teaser...

by David Stamps

So much many desserts and got to be in on the action! I was a part of an awesome judging team, was treated to the VIP Room and tasted some of the best treats in the Valley and Ventura! Full post and pics coming soon...but for now, check out the judging table. Whoa!


Cupcake Crawl - Thousand Oaks, CA

by David Stamps

It was a random day and I was in a random neighborhood with my wife running an errand, I did not expect to ever take on a Cupcake Crawl, but my partner-in-crime said the magic words, "I just saw a cupcake shop". Well, that is were the story got super sweet and really awesome. I pulled out my iPhone, got directions and since I was already in the mood, I researched several other shops and began my impromptu Cupcake Crawl through Thousand Oaks, CA! Unfortunately there were only 3 shops and one of those shops were closed, but I enjoyed myself's cupcakes, I could I not.

photo copy 3.JPG

First up was For Heaven's Cakes and they boasted the 99 cents cupcakes AND had the most adorable cupcake van ever! There van is used for deliveries which includes birthday parties, deliveries and special events such as weddings. How awesome would it be to have this delightful van to pull up at your location!

I had to purchase several since some were only 99 cents including the cinnamon roll cupcake, pumpkin cupcake and black and white cupcake. I loved the pumpkin cupcake, most and rich and filled with deliciousness!

photo copy 4.JPG

I then ventured 2 miles over to Frost It Cupcakery and since frosting is my favorite part of the cake, this place was amazing!!!! Even the parking sign made me very happy! Check it out!

The shop itself is also super sweet and full of cupcake quotes and cake trays filled with different treats. I was visiting during the Holiday season so most of their selection was themed after the season. I enjoyed the Gingerbread Cupcake and treated my wife to a Peppermint Cupcake. However, my favorite cupcake is always Vanilla and lucky me, this staple is always on the menu, so I had one and of course it had Holiday sprinkles!

Frost It_2.jpg

Here is the van. Awesome, right!?!?!

It's pink and looks really reminds me of an ice cream truck, I wonder if they have that ice cream truck music and a bell? Now I'm dreaming of cupcake trucks that cruise through the neighborhood delivering cupcakes to all the kids! New business! 

Frost It_1.jpg

Vanilla Bean Frosting and moist, sweet vanilla cake and the ratio of frosting to cake was perfect! If you are going to call yourself Frost It Cupcakery, guess you have to have the frosting pretty plentiful! Lucky Me!

My New Cupcake Addiction: Cupcake Gift Cards

by David Stamps

It's that time of year! Crowded shopping malls, horrible parking lots, horrendous lines at the checkout and unwanted gifts. I know this is not the reason for the season, but sometimes it feels like everyone has forgotten and instead is focused on the materialistic, commercialization of the Holidays. I would prefer that everything about this season be a little easier, a lot more fun and in the end everyone comes out happy! That's why I had to talk about my new favorite thing - Cupcake gift cards!

photo copy.JPG

I received a gift card for Crumbs Bake Shop and I swear it blew my mind! You're telling me I can go get cupcakes whenever I want, try new flavors and never have to depend on my own funds! Plus, Crumbs is one of my favorite stores, so this is even a bigger mind altering explosion! I've done the cupcakes Groupons/Living Social/DealSavers before and they are great, but it's a one time thing. With my gift card I can go in buy a cupcake one day, the next day - treat a friend, on the weekend grab one while I'm running errands and a month later when I've forgotten about my little plastic piece of happiness and I find it in a coat or pair of jeans, run back out and get another cupcake! All for free! THIS. IS. AMAZING!



Well, after my mind refocused and I could contain my excitement I finally went to Crumbs and starting using my gift card and if you think reading about the experience is awesome, try experiencing the experience (can you say that?!?!). I went to Crumbs and literally the skies were the limit! I could have any cupcake I wanted, I could get a beverage and if I really wanted to be naughty I could grab a brownie, cookie or all three! I can't believe I live on a planet where these kinds of things exist. We are so lucky. I'm sure someone had to walk 3 miles in the snow, with no shoes on, uphill just to get to school. Well, I got cupcakes, thank goodness for technology, shoes and sidewalks. I have no idea where I was going with that. I'm just excited about cupcake gift cards!

Now, go buy one for your best friend, spouse, parent, kid or you can simply send me one! I'll enjoy every single swipe!